Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chernarus on the Web

Anoni mo
I've been having some fun lately learning WebGL. Learning is so much more fun when you can tie in something you love so... I have been working on a WebGL version of Chernarus. I currently have it running at 1:10 scale and, thanks to a couple awesome people, I have the real terrain height map data, and a scale map for the terrain. Douggem, you rock man. I had never done any memory reading before I read your post on RPM.

I even get about 15fps right now after only working on this for a couple days and never using WebGL before. This is across my LAN to a my laptop which only has an Intel video card. I only have basic models to represent the roughly 10,000 objects on the usual server I use for testing.

I've learned about tiling images, tiling height map data, draw distance, and that I really like THREE JS.

Long story short, Thanks UC and contributors! I've been able to not only enjoy this game but to truly learn from my experiences with it thanks to you.

Cheers! :beerchug:

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Thx unknownguy2

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