Sunday, April 12, 2015

Steam Wallet code for android user

Anoni mo

Hello i will show you how to how to get free money on steam wallet,

first what you need is phone with android

Download Whaff Reward , its simple application for make money , for watch video , download game on android , invite friend you get $

For login use facebook acc , its totaly clear and dont make any spam on facebook

Next step application need invitation code :) for use this code BD23834 you will get first money (0,30$) and i get that same litle reward for invite you

Next step you need to make money ! , invite friend by your code, download game, play and get money, after all on left side you can make payout

Payout option :Facebook, Steam, Amazon, Xbox, Paystation, Itunes, League of Legends, Paypal

Sorry for bad english

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Thx AcuBcu

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