Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WTS (sell) REB - Real Elo Boost - Boosting Services on EUW/EUNE/RU/TR

Anoni mo
Our team of professional Diamond5+ players is providing boosting services on the servers: EUW/EUNE/RU/TR

Here are our prices tables:

Bronze V to Bronze IV: 6,50€

Bronze IV to Bronze III: 6,50€

Bronze III to Bronze II: 6,50€

Bronze II to Bronze I: 6,50€

Bronze I to Silver V: 9,50€

Entire Bronze Tier (Bronze V to Silver V): 32,00€ instead of 35,50€

Silver V to Silver IV: 9,50€

Silver IV to Silver III: 9,50€

Silver III to Silver II: 9,50€

Silver II to Silver I: 9,50€

Silver I to Gold V: 13,00€

Entire Silver Tier (Silver V to Gold V): 46,00€ instead of 51,00€

Gold V to Gold IV: 13,50€

Gold IV to Gold III: 13,50€

Gold III to Gold II: 13,50€

Gold II to Gold I: 15,00€

Gold I to Platinum V: 18,50€

Entire Gold Tier (Gold V to Platinum V): 67,00€ instead of 74,00€

Platinum V to Platinum IV: 30€

Platinum IV to Platinum III: 30€

Platinum III to Platinum II: 30€

Platinum II to Platinum I: 33€

Platinum I to Diamond V: 40€

Entire Platinum Tier (Platinum V to Diamond V): 150€ instead of 163€

For higher Tiers: ON REQUEST

Skype: realeloboost

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Thx lideloboost

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