Friday, April 17, 2015

WTS (sell) seafight account ita 2 VERY GOOD!

Anoni mo
Top: 170

Premium: 1 Year+

5 Years Old Account

Badge: Silver Coin

Server: Italy 2

Experience: Altmost 1 billion(lvl 20)

ELP: 550mil+

Pearls: 400k+

Crystals: 5k+

Abilities: 58/60

Cannons: 55 VooDoo,260x 60 powders Lvl.5,Rest are 55 powders,60 powders,admirals

Designs: Epeius(very good gems),Heimdall,Snake,Telemaco,Balista,Odisseo,Bitf rost,Infernus,Revento,Colombo Patriarca,Colombo Esperto,Colombo Veterano,Serpentin,Aeronautilus,Dalendris,Columbus ,Bonfire,Daedalus,Aurora Borealis,Spectre,Behemoth Lvl 1/2/3,Seahawk,Cronos,Locust,Ghost Raider,Coronis,Venom,Mojo,Bones,Columbus,Jack+Othe rs+Mondials


-All slots 6/6


-Cannon Loader 6/6

-Adamantine Hull 6/6

-Centerboard 6/6

-Reinforced Hull 6/6


-Astrolabe 6/6

-Gunpowder Flask 6/6

-Carpentry Expertise 6/6


-Cannon Storage 6/6

-Sternpost 6/6

-Harpoon Loader 6/6

-Iron Harpoons 6/6

*Voodoo Castles:

-Voodoo Bundling 6/6

-Voodoo Mirage 6/6

-Fortified Amulet Gems 6/6

PETS: Deimos,Aeroctopoda,Rotten Tooth,Doombearer,Fire Dragon,Habrok,Aquila,Vomortis,Jotnar,Phobos,Pyke,B jorgold,Smarald Dragon,Immortur

Also has lots of food.

Bonus Maps: 31x Capricornus,23x Sagittarius,13x Cancer

Harpoons: Over 10k 500dmg harpoons

Cannonballs: 500k+ confetti,30k+ flares,110k+ voodoo *****,130k+ souldevouring,

Consumables: Lots of consumables

Gems: Lots of gems

Bonuses: ,93 days Virgus HP,Lvl.5 Repairer 400+ days,Ebony Deck 400+ Days,Ivory permanent,and others...

add: joniwars at skype for more informations

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Thx wyven

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